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Our formula isn't our initiation but your contemplating vision that we bring it to life.We observe your vibe and sparkle in your voice to assess your dream.We believe in making our guests and families eyes gleam in happiness and hearts glitter in excitement as we adorn your event. While you walk those eternal steps with your soulmate, or When you memorialize your bundle of joyful birthdays by marking their mile stones each year or even, better if you love to throw a startling bash for your loved one – then – We would pace with you till you & your guests swell in gratification, be delighted and recollect the event at every gathering.

Our hearts desire a dream but our mind always “shilly shally” to pick up that phone and ring. Rest your thoughts as our guests/clients – We can sit with you and your family members to calculate the numbers till it matches your digits because once you call us – You become a family for life !!

We celebrate all your occasions with great magnitude by making you PRIDE in Us.

We are Specialized in: Anniversaries - 1st to 60th year, Birthdays - 1st to 90th year, Graduations, Sweet 16'S, Baby Showers, Cradle Ceremonies, House Warming, Political, Festivity, Religious parties, ETC...

"Your Desire Comes to Life" - Frenzy Beatz Entertainment.

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Frenzy Beatz Decorations beautify the wow factor into your event decorations with a creative eye, envisioning your style and theme as you chose to adorn.We orchestrate all elements of the event to create a memorable event with a splash of intrigue and spark of excitement.We assist you in selecting the right backdrop, table decor, colors and many more.

Stage backdrops and decorations bridge the real from the unreal as they complete the transition from the structured walls and windows of the building to the decor creation on the stage. They commend the event theme and gives a striking feeling to the glimpse of guests. With wide range of backdrop styles, drapes, colors ,fabrics etc, we tailor as per your needs and style.

We set the stage as it demands bringing the right combination of colors and lighting to lit the stage beautify the decoration with a mark of delight and flash of fineness. With wide range of options to chose over lighting colors we blend the backdrop with your choice.

As the guests gather at the table to enjoy the party, we comfort them by spreading pleasant vibes across the table with our dazzling centerpieces set on perfectly dressed up tables with the colors and cloth that match the party and mood of the occasion. Our creative centerpiece and table decor collection will definitely assist you in designing dream decor.

We compliment the party decoration with our uniquely styled chair decor with endless variations of chair covers, sashes to dress up the guest chairs according to your style, theme , and budget. Sit down and relax as we inspire you with our wide selection of chair decoration ideas and styles.

Our entrance decorations welcome guests with high spirit and elevates their mood in joy as they step in to the party .It's a confirmation we affirm you being at the right place to begin the celebration of the event.With fusion of our creativity and your ideas we make the entrance decor a beautiful title song to begin the event.

We make sure perfect ambience is created at dining section with our food stall decorations providing you with lines,table covers, table skirts and runners with right combination of colors.

Our unique style of modern day furniture adds elegance and lets the host relax in luxury and enjoy the event. Perfectly suited for weddings,receptions,engagement, sweet 16 and baby shower parties they highlight the stage and complements the photo albums when you take those memorable family pictures and group pictures.

We take care of every other decorations such as Candy Table, Cake Table, Gift Table, Banners, Photo Booth Props, Sweet 16 Birthday Candles,Flex etc. You might get busy and forget but we remind and confirm to make sure everything is been take rest..as we say relax and trust us.


Frenzy Beatz DJ sets the right mood of the party to bring the fun and excitement to the dance floor.We synchronize to the taste , tone of audience and map the songs with the beat to their dance steps. With highly equipped sound system we provide the quality sounds that's pleasing and enjoyable for any kind of events, be it a private party or personal party. Party begins here.

Pumped up , passionate are our DJ's throughout the party and makes the guests swoon by the selection of songs. We make everyone dance to the beats and make them forget the shyness and watch them dance as if no one is watching them. We just do not DJ, we party and celebrate with you.

With top-notch equipment we deliver the best quality of sounds that entertains every music and dance lover.Bose Sound System, JBL Speakers, Allen & Heath Live Mixers, Yamaha Mixers, Native Instruments Controllers, Shure Microphones are few among our list which leaves a lasting impression as you dance, sing or perform to our esteemed sound system.

With integration of Alen & Heath Live Mixers, Yamaha mixers with our Controller and PA systems assist in live concerts and multiple singers as per specific needs of individual with their own choices.

We have umpteen collection of songs and mixes for all the genres and languages to bring the right mood on to dance floor as needed for the people and party. Be it Indian Music (Bollywood, Bhangra, Punjabi,Tollywood, Kollywood), English Music ranging from traditional rock music to world pop, we make the dance floor flow with our selection of songs.Any occasion - be it traditional or western party you ask us and we play it for you

Our PA Systems are finely fused with best microphones from shure, amplifiers and loudspeakers in supporting any event without any issues be it a public or private event for all speech and singing events.

Uplights bring the wow factor to the event setting the mood and theme of the party and creating elegant ambience.With various shades to chose,you will enjoy every moment of the event as we cover every inch of the wall,nook and corner of the venue as we hook the Uplights.

With Strobe Lighting, Laser Lighting, Party Lights and Retro Lights we pump up the dance floor with various effects as they hit the floor with sound controlled and fog fused.

We provide GOBO lighting for all your events and occasions that are designed with unique style to mark your event and make it special as we project the subject of the event in your celebration.


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